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Station Info

The lake Maggiore - photo by Meteo Dormelletto

On March 2021 the station La Crosse WS2355 in use since years was replaced by a system based on a station Froggit WH4000SE WI-FI completed with sensors for temperature, humidity, pressure, rain, direction, wind speed, UV and solar radiation and by the Froggit Gateway WI-FI DP 1500 which receives the sensors data to provide them to the router for the tarnsfer to the computer where it is installed the software providing the data to this web site.. The temperature and humidity sensor is installed inside a ventilated solar radiation shield realized by the kit supplied by Meteorete. The main unit is located in the radio shack of the ham radio station "I1GXV " and the sensors are installed at about 35 m up from the ground level, at the top of a 7 floors building, close to the southern Lake Maggiore shore of Piedmont region in the town of Dormelletto, Novara province in compliance with the specifications of W.M.O. (World Meteorological Organization) adapted for urban stations by the "Centro Meteorologico Lombardo" (CML).
The data collected by the station are sent to a computer which has the task to send them to the web server hosting the "Meteo Dormelletto" web site by means of the softwares Weather Display and FreshWDL.

Station info
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