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Last Installation


Below are some photos of the latest installation of the Froggit system sensor group and the stages of construction of the ventilated solar screen kit supplied by Meteorete. As a partial modification of the original kit, all the metal components have been replaced with stainless steel material and a support has been created for the best adjustment of the inclination of the solar panel that powers the fan.

Below is the series of images relating to the previous August 2011 realization of a self-built passive sunscreen relating to the La Crosse station replaced on the basis of the "ORA 1" project, for which we thank the author whose site we refer to for the text of the project, and the friends who contributed to the realization and installation.
Unlike the original project, Teflon threaded bars and nuts with insulating material inserts were used in correspondence with the sealing bolt of the larger diameter upper plate, whose head was subsequently insulated with silicone, and a metal support of greater length.
Realization of the ventilated solar screen for the Froggit system
Realization of the passive solar screen for the La Crosse station
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